About Me

Hey there, I'm Laura, a happily married woman with two wonderful stepchildren and a fantastic bunch of seven grandchildren. With 29 years of experience as an LPN in a Family Doctor Clinic, I can genuinely say that I love what I do. It's incredibly humbling to have patients trust me with their care, knowing they rely on us to take care of their loved ones.

Life took an unexpected turn when Hurricane IDA hit our community, leaving our home and surroundings in ruins. We spent a year living in a camper next to our damaged home, rebuilding after the devastation. Leaky roofs and gutted rooms became part of our daily life. Despite the challenges, I remained thankful that we made it through, even though staying home during the hurricane was probably not the wisest choice. Lesson learned!

During the rebuilding phase, with costs soaring due to increased demand, I stumbled upon one of those side hustle videos promising quick and easy money. Realizing it wasn't as simple as it sounded, it did spark my curiosity. Months of dedicated online research followed, and I discovered the potential of earning money online. However, I quickly learned that it's not a walk in the park and certainly not a two-hour-a-day venture. It takes hard work and the acquisition of new skills. In my opinion, the journey has been entirely worthwhile!

Given my background in caring for others, authenticity is crucial to me. That's why I ventured into the world of digital marketing with my own website and business offering genuine digital products. I'm thrilled you found me, and I hope this provides a glimpse into who I am. I'm here to help others kickstart their own digital marketing journey. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or just want to chat.